When it comes to living in Los Angeles, there are a lot of things to love about it from the constant warm climate, closeness to the ocean and Hollywood in sight amongst others, this is a place beloved by most. One thing you can certainly be sure of when living in Los Angeles is that boredom is something you never have to worry about as the city alone serves as a people attracting magnet. When it comes to choices regarding outdoor activities, hiking is always something to do. For those who love hiking, the following are hiking trails:

1. The Hollywood Sign Hike


A major attraction of Los Angeles is the fact that it is the home of the stars. Most of the production that takes place in Hollywood takes place there. The tourists and locals alike get the chance to enjoy the view of the Hollywood Sign Hike located in Griffith Park. When hiking on this trail, it takes 5 miles to be within the 20 feet closeness to the Hollywood Sign. Getting to the end of the trail gives an encompassing view of the city of Los Angeles.

2. Hiking in Runyon Canyon Park

For dog owners or lovers, this hiking trail is located within Franklin and Fuller Avenues of Los Angeles and ideal for them. This park gives freedom for dogs to roam freely with their owners while enjoying the trail. Alongside hiking the trail, there is an accompanying view of Los Angeles.

3. The Santa Monica Mountain Trails

With the mountains reaching the peak of 3,111 feet and its location within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, this is one of the most frequented hiking trails in Los Angeles. The hiking and recreation area is known as a home to wildlife with over 65,000 acres of land to roam free within. During the spring months, the area is bright and colorful as the flower blossom. Within the Santa Monica Mountains alone, there are a variety of hiking trails available like the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Trail. Hikers get to experience views from the Santa Monica Bay, Point Dume and Balloria Creek.

4. Hiking in Sullivan Canyon

Rounding up our list of top 4 hiking trails is the Sullivan Canyon in Los Angeles. The trail is 7.5 miles long and passes through a covering of sycamore, willow and oak trees. The trail progresses from easy uphill climb to challenging terrains that call up the skills of even the most experience hiker. Although the hike does not boast of a beautiful view like its predecessors, it offers tranquility and a certain closeness to nature.

When it comes to hiking trails, Los Angeles boasts of more than the four enlisted above with some being more beautiful and challenging to hikers. Embracing the outdoors can be done by simply traversing these trails. Other possible attractions in South California, places like Long Beach, Queen Mary, Aquarium of the Pacific amongst others are good places to visit and test the hiking trails.