Traveling is a pleasure, however, when a person seeks these sorts of adventures it can be quite difficult getting all the details together. At UESA, Universal Extreme Sport Adventures, we plan every last detail of your trip. We assemble teams to take you on your desired trip. Coordinate with other groups for you to have the best experience. 

Extreme sports are our addictions. That feeling of adrenaline that shoots up, as we take a plunge into the unknown is an incredible rush, that we always seek. In each trip we take, we go through incredible journeys and adventures, pushing the limits, in a relatively safe way. We know how to travel in style.

Traveling and living in style is our specialty. So if we travel to a certain destination you love, we can also do real estate consulting. We specialize in luxurious and exotic real estate investment as well.

For most people, going on vacation means relaxing by a beautiful beach. For us, it’s going to interesting¬†areas and trying new and adventurous sports. We also like to plan more “relaxing” trips, but always find ways of incorporating at least one or two incredible experiences. If you love a certain location, buying or renting a vacation home is also an option.

With our extensive experience, we know how to plan your dream trip. We customize each trip to your whims and desired outcomes. We take extra precautions to make sure your trip goes as planned, and we manage each excursion with the outmost care.